"Building Your Sphere Of Influence On The Eastside"

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The Eastside Business Association recognizes that differences can enrich each of its members in various ways. Opportunities such as leadership roles, training workshops, events, business tools and resources, are available to all of our members.  We embrace and support all of our members through our programs regardless of gender, age, sexual identity/orientation, disability, language and culture.

Areas and Programs are (but not limited to):

  • The membership, as a whole, embraces others from different industries, those who speak different languages, and those who come from different cultures.
  • The membership is one of respect, we support our members regardless of the industry, their background, disability, industry, cultural, or religious beliefs.
  • The Eastside Business Association believes that its members grow (personally and professionally) by engaging in speaking opportunities at the meetings either in a Spotlight, as a featured speaker, or presenting a workshop.
  • The members are invited to all meetings and events including multi-association events such as local organizations and causes or like-minded business organizations/meeting partners.
  • The Eastside Business Association recognizes the value of giving support to its members’ businesses through networking, mentoring, marketing, and encourages community volunteerism.
  • Members receive strategic leadership, support, tools, resources, and opportunities for greater community involvement for business success.
  • Members receive experience in networking, promoting their business more efficiently and becoming more in touch with the Eastside community market. Preserving the Eastside Business Community as a good place to do business is a top priority for the EBA and its members.
  • The Eastside Business Association and its members value the sponsors by featuring them on the EBA website, the directory, and welcome their presence at all meetings and events.
  • The Eastside Business Association Values the quality and diversity of its membership. We include all members and ask for the utmost in honesty, integrity, respect, and customer service.

The EBA and our members love, and are committed to, our local businesses and communities.  We look forward to working together to continue to support and embrace all that are within and/or striving to connect with the Eastside communities.

We are excited to learn and develop ways to connect with our amazing diverse community through involvement, support, and outreach. Let us know how we can help and support you.

Kindest Regards, The EBA Family

Written by:
Michele Edwards, Vice President, Eastside Business Association
Tina M. Estes, Owner, Tina Time Office Solutions
Through a process facilitated by Samuel Rodriguez, Founder, BizDiversity